A major motor company had over time, let the currency of their environment age, and disparate technologies had spread through the organization. The state of the Backup and Recovery (BUR) environment alone put them at risk. The Backup environment was completely tape-based and had grown to 13 TSM servers, 4 Commvault servers, and multiple BackupExec instances backing up 4000 nodes per night on 4 large sites and 30 remote sites.

  • They had no effective DR technology strategy in place.
  • Offsite vaulting of tapes was the only recovery mechanism
  • Over 50% of the environment was back rev or down rev
  • Significant portions of the environment could no longer be supported or migrated in place


xTECH360 was engaged to take over management of the aged BUR environment, within an existing cost structure and to bring support up to minimum SLAs.

xTECH360 team was engaged with multiple teams within a multi month rebid process, specifically tasked with designing the solution that became their BUR and DR 2.0 solution. xTECH360 implemented a Service Catalog approach allowing the motor company to manage their cost as the environment was brought to current technology, through a Server Refresh as a Service program.

Upon winning the renewal, xTECH360 was back to back in steady state support of the BUR environment-meeting SLAs even during migration from 1.0 to 2.0, and providing Server refresh and DR buildouts in concert with production teams.


  • xTECH360 migrated all Commvault and BackupExec instances to TSM, and migrated the entire environment to a tapeless platform based on EMC Data Domain technology. Additionally, xTECH360 migrated to a new converged infrastructure ESX platform for the TSM server environment
  • xTECH360 assisted in the design and deployment of the entire approach to deploy the new data center failover site and participated on-site in the first successful DR test in March 2017
  • xTECH360 implemented a Service Catalog approach. We performed extensive discovery on hundreds of servers, designed gold image use cases, and implemented a server refresh program to refresh or migrate 1600 servers in 12 months and created an ongoing server refresh program estimated to last for 5 years

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