xTECH360 was engaged to provide immediate triage assistance in resolving a critical situation that caused the failure of a Disaster Recovery test. If the critical situation was not immediately resolved, a large car rental corporation would have to publicly report their compliance failures. The conclusion of the triage was that a current service provider of the storage and Backup environment was not following best practices, and did not have the skills necessary to support the policies, processes and equipment.

Incorrect configuration of the ProtectTier appliance, lack of best practices in Backup Policy Administration, improper zoning, and a lack of currency had resulted in a large percentage of the environment, that had not been backed up in months.

Additional issues were: The storage environment had been zoned incorrectly, and the result was multipath failures which caused servers to fail to “fail over”- effectively rendering them inaccessible to the storage they were attached to. The storage environment had not been kept current. It was discovered, that two of the fabric switches in the environment had not been rebooted in 795 days. During this time period, there were three patch updates available, none of which have been applied.


  • The xTECH360 team was engaged to remediate the storage, switch, and Backup Recovery environment.
  • Take over steady state operation of the storage and Backup environment and work to provide stability, while performing the remediation and upgrade activities based on recommendations from a deep dive environmental assessment.


  • xTECH360 immediately implemented new Backup policies and began their rollout, and redesigned the ProtectTier appliance.
  • xTECH360 teams rezoned the storage environment, and brought all devices up to current patching standards.
  • All remediation and patching was performed while maintaining the environment within SLAs.
  • The redesign, implementation of best practices and remediation brought operations of the environment from 130+ daily failures to less than 25 daily failures.

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